Katz Display Boards – a Great Choice for Sustainability and much more besides…

You could argue that The KATZ Group only makes one thing, a material based on wood pulp – but they certainly do that one thing outstandingly well! The KATZ Group offers premium quality, maximum sustainability, and all the added value that people have come to expect from German-made products.
Wood pulp is a versatile material, and ultimately everything comes down to how you use it. It has been the material of choice for beer mats for the last 100 years, but it can be used for a whole lot more besides!

The wood pulp-based material which KATZ uses is appealing and instantly recognizable thanks to its special tactile or ‘haptic’ qualities. So why not make even more out of such a great material? That’s what led the company to develop KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS – the eco-friendly alternative for POS advertising.
KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS are laminated with paper on both sides and consist of nothing more than wood and starch mixed with water. The lamination technique has been carefully chosen to ensure that the print medium can simply be recycled as standard wastepaper after use. So in terms of sustainability, the benefits are crystal clear.

And with the range of new lamination options introduced at Fespa Digital 2015, the sky’s the limit when it comes to all the different possible uses for KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS. The “glazed” headline act and the up-and-coming stars from the genres of black, neon, aqua-ink and fix are the perfect way to get your advertising message across – from hanging signs and advertising boards to POS tent cards, display boards and creative and craft supplies.
But KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS are also a great choice when it comes to constructing exhibition booths.
The KATZ Group’s stand at Fespa Digital in Cologne was a real eye-catcher – it was built almost entirely from KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS!

Some four years have passed since then, and this new product has proved to be a great success. It has been successfully launched in Europe, China and the USA, and the company has acquired key distribution partners in Germany such as the ‘PPS. Imaging Group’, a company with 250 employees which is one of Europe’s leading providers of digital large-format printing services.
“Various live tests at exhibitions and demonstration centres have clearly shown that KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS offer significant advantages over plastic boards in terms of cut edge quality and printability,” says Matthias Schneiderat, Sales Manager at The KATZ Group.
KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS provide outstanding print results when they join forces with prestigious manufacturers of UV printing technology such as from HP, Screen, Canon Océ, EFI, swissQprint, Mimaki, Agfa and Mutoh.
“That was one of the things that impressed us most,” says Klaus Rahn, who heads up the board printing department at PPS. Imaging GmbH.
“In late 2011 PPS installed the first HP Scitex FB7600 industrial press in Europe. That shows how we’re constantly striving to enhance our services to cater to current and future market developments. And that’s why this eco-friendly solution fits so perfectly into our product portfolio,” says Rahn.

PPS. Imaging GmbH has been using the KATZ product at its site in Berlin since 2012, and the company has already filled a range of customer orders for everything from suspended signs to POS displays. PPS. Imaging GmbH is delighted with the reasonable pricing of the product and the fact that it is easy to process on printing, milling and cutting machines. “We have a reputation for top-notch quality to uphold, so we need top-of-the-range materials. We like KATZ display materials because they are a high-quality choice which offers excellent light stability and better whiteness than the materials we used before,” says Rahn.

As you would expect, Matthias Schneiderat and everyone else at KATZ are delighted with this positive feedback and are looking forward to continuing their successful collaboration with PPS. Imaging GmbH.