The KATZ Group

Premium quality, maximum sustainability, and all the added value that people have come to expect from German-made products!

The Katz Group dates back to the year 1716, when Johann Georg Katz established a sawmill in Gernsbach, Germany. In 1903, the company began to commercially exploit the wood waste produced by the sawmill, launching a product line of ‘moulded pulp drip mats’. The company has spent more than 100 years producing beer mats in the Black Forest for customers all over the world. Its portfolio has steadily expanded during that time to encompass a wide range of different products.

Wood pulp board – the eco-friendly alternative

The KATZ Group is a long-established company which specialises in the production and processing of wood pulp board, supplying this special material to customers worldwide.

The “Made in Germany” label is only part of why KATZ products are so special – they also enjoy the prestige of being made in the remarkable environment of the Black Forest. That’s why we focus on one clear priority: sustainability, a concept grounded in forestry and ecology. And because we have such a close relationship with forests as a key source of our raw materials, the idea of making responsible use of resources and respecting nature and the environment is far from being a marketing gimmick in our case. Put simply, it is a deeply-rooted principle that forms an integral part of our corporate culture.

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