Katz Display Boards – the Premium Solution Specially Designed for Digital Printing

KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS now available in a Bestsellers Box!

One of the primary goals at KATZ is to tailor the company’s range of products to meet current and future market requirements. “We are constantly striving to develop new products and innovative ideas that make the best of our unique material and best serve our target markets,” says Ralph Unger, Key Accounts Manager at KATZ. This enthusiasm for innovation also applies to the company’s KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS. And to celebrate Christmas 2017, KATZ has now unveiled its KATZ DISPLAY BOARD Bestsellers Box!


The idea behind the KATZ Group’s Bestsellers Box is to offer distributors an additional service that makes it quicker and easier for them to provide small quantities of test samples to signmakers and printers.
This is a great way to give companies that work with printing media the opportunity to test out KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS and put them through their paces on the shop floor.
The KATZ Bestsellers Box contains a standard selection of our top-selling products and latest innovations.


Paper merchant Antalis has been distributing KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS in Germany since May 2017. “We were determined to offer the market an innovative and highly functional premium product,” says Unger. To achieve this, the company set out to find a professional partner capable of offering the display market the service and support they need. Just six months later, this arrangement has already proved to be a success. “The distribution partnership has enabled us to boost the availability of KATZ DISPLAY BOARDS in Germany, and we’re delighted that Antalis is already making such an active effort to distribute our Bestsellers Boxes.” People in the signmaking and printing industry can simply contact Antalis GmbH to request the boxes, which come in a 800 x 1200 x 40 mm format. There’s no better way to test out the latest best-selling products from the KATZ DISPLAY BOARD range!